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What approval do I need for loft conversion?

What approval do I need for loft conversion?

Planning permission is needed for a lot of building work but because a loft conversion falls under permitted developments, you may not need to apply for one before you can convert your loft.

However, there are other approvals that are necessary for loft conversion. Building Regulations approval is one of them. Building regulations approval is necessary to ensure that your project meets the standard for safety as stipulated by the planning committee and other safety bodies. This covers everything from fire safety to electrical, ventilation and drainage. Building regulations come in parts and loft conversion involves almost if not all the building regulation parts. It is vital that you first find out the parts that apply to your loft conversion and go through the necessary motions before starting work on your loft.

Additionally, you may need to have what is known as Party Wall Agreement with your neighbors if you loft conversion will in any way disrupt their way of life either during the project or at the completion of work. Your neighbor has to agree that you can go ahead with the conversion before you can do so. All of these are available on the planning portal website but you can still get the details you need from a loft conversion expert like Milosh Loft Conversions.

If you are considering a loft conversion in your Brighton home but don’t know the legal hoops you need to jump to make this work, we have experts on ground that can walk you through the process so that you don’t end up wasting time and money.