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How much is a dormer window?

How much is a dormer window?

Most window installers offer prices based on double-glazed windows as it offers more security and better insulation for your Brighton loft conversion. Currently, the cheapest price you can get for a dormer window is £600. A more expensive window might cost up to £1,250.

A customised dormer window can make your home more impressive, depending on the style and period of your property. With a budget of £5,000 and above, you can install a simple flat roof dormer that turns your unused loft into an office or bedroom.

A mid-range budget of £10,000 and above will get you a pair of gable dormers that create a beautiful design and maintain a perfect symmetry of your Brighton home. Our designers can match dormers to fit the existing architectural style of your home.

With a budget of £15,000 and above, our designers can create a customised dormer window for your loft conversion project. We’ll add high-quality finishes that maximise the value to your home.